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Biden Administration Aids Far Left
Hate Group in Targeting Parents

In the four-plus years since the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) ousted its co-founder Morris Dees in 2019, the organization has, if it were possible, further intensified its attacks on conservative, pro-family and/or Christian groups. It’s the same tactic the SPLC has used for decades and which has proven such a lucrative cash cow. At Dees’ departure, conservative political commentator and social media personality, Mike Cernovich, reportedly quipped: “Hate group founder has been fired by his hate group.”

These days, the SPLC appears to be flailing wildly at every pro-freedom, pro-parent group in the U.S., but it may have overplayed its hand with its recent attempt to destroy the successful national organization Moms for Liberty.


From ‘Fuzzy Math’ to New Math to No Math:
California’s Equity-Based Curriculum

For well over three decades, American students at all grade levels have been cheated out of an adequate math education. In 1991, Phyllis Schlafly reported on the dismal math scores from the 1990 NAEP tests. Phyllis wrote: “Fewer than one in seven students in the 4th, 8th and 12th grades can do mathematics at or above their grade level, and more than half are two or more grade levels behind, according to the 1990 NAEP Mathematics Assessment.”

Billions of dollars and multiple math education fads later, the situation has only gotten worse. But whereas the education establishment used to pretend that so-called “fuzzy math” or “new math” would actually result in improved math proficiency, there is scarcely any pretense today on the part of state or federal education departments that schools are actually teaching math and arithmetic. Instead, the emphasis is on diversity, equity, and inclusion, with children learning little more than woke ideology.


Despite Subterfuge, Radical Sex Ed Comes to Light

For years, reports of radical sex education covertly being taught in public schools as well as the secret transitioning of students in deference to transgender ideology have surfaced, despite the best efforts of education personnel to hide them. In September, Project Veritas posted Part One of a two-part video series on X (formerly Twitter) exposing the hidden curriculum of HiTOPS, a New Jersey-based 501c3 organization that promotes itself as offering traditional health and sex education, and social support for youth.

In the first video, HiTOPS Executive Director Lisa Shelby tells the Project Veritas journalist how HiTOPS educators “get through” to students with their sex ed messaging by using the state’s mandate “for racial justice and inclusivity ...” They intentionally use these classes as a means of accessing students because “parents are not able to opt out.” When the interviewer repeats “so parents can’t opt out?” Shelby affirms with a nod and sly laugh: “That’s right. You got it!”


Parental Backlash in New Jersey Prompts Cartoon Ad Campaign

As HiTOPS educators furtively ply their trade in New Jersey, many parents and the Sussex County Republican Committee are fighting yet another assault on parental rights. The object of their ire is Governor Phil Murphy, who earlier this year championed state guidelines that exempt schools from having to inform parents if a student chooses to change his or her gender identity.

According to Red State of Mind, the new rule states: “There is no affirmative duty for any school district personnel to notify a student’s parent or guardian of the student’s gender identity or expression.” The rule prompted concern not only among parents, but also teachers, some of whom believe the state is overstepping its role and “separating parents from children.”


Book Review

You’re Teaching My Child What?:
A Physician Exposes the Lies
of Sex Education and How They
Harm Your Child

Originally published in 2009, and re-released in paperback with new preface in 2023, by Miriam Grossman, M.D., Regnery Publishing


  • PragerU Kids is making strides in mainstream education to counterbalance the leftwing ideology so dominant today in schools.

  • Attending high school at the mall is now a reality for students in the Forney Independent School District north of Dallas as of September 2023, but will outcomes improve?

  • On September 26, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced a lawsuit against the Wentzville School District Board of Education for concealing a transgender bathroom usage policy from parents.
  • More

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Education ‘Encrusted with Lies’

You do not have to read very far into the July 2013 Phyllis Schlafly Report to find out that Phyllis Schlafly had very strong feelings about Common Core. Using phrases like “violation of federal law,” “the mark of a totalitarian government,” “propaganda,” “pornographic,” and “encrusted with lies” all show that this was not a back burner issue to her. Phyllis went so far as to praise the state of Indiana for kicking out an incumbent pro-Common Core Republican governor in favor of an anti-Common Core Democrat. Given her passionate engagement on this issue, the message of her July 2013 Phyllis Schlafly Report needs to be heard as the battle rages for the hearts, minds, and futures of America’s young people.

Phyllis knew the key to diffusing Common Core is for the rapidly-expanding grassroots opposition to break away the crust of lies surrounding it. The first major lie of Common Core is that it just sets standards, not curriculum. Yet, it is hard to see how a teacher’s curriculum could not be affected by these standards. Teachers, who are put under incredible pressure by their administrators to make their students perform well on standardized tests, will naturally make their curriculum fit in with the test whether it is advantageous for the students or not. Why should national CC standards compel teachers to make students read such drivel as Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle when parents want their children to read real American classics like Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? Yet if The Jungle were a required part of the standards, the teacher would have no real choice in their curriculum.

By Jordan Henry

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